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Blog - January 2015

Stress and Routine

Don't let stress, stress you out!

I go through each day, most of the time with a routine. Sometimes there is stress and routine that plays out like this: I get […]

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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery and its many procedures!

As a society we seem to put a premium on our outside aesthetic appearance.  I know that in the United States we have developed into […]

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Interesting Skin Facts

Skin cut into a profile of layers

I love my skin and I hope you love yours too! It keeps us put together in a beautiful package, protects our skeletal system and […]

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Growth Factor Technology

Growth Factors working overtime!

Sometimes I think we take our skin for granted. I know that as I was growing up or even in my younger years in life, […]

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The Environment and Your Skin

Our beautiful planet!

Usually when I think of the environment I think of things like the quality of the air and water around me, the weather, and the […]

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