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Stress and Routine

Don't let stress, stress you out!

I go through each day, most of the time with a routine. Sometimes there is stress and routine that plays out like this:

I get up and get myself ready to face the day, which is usually for work. Hopefully by the time I hit the shower there are enough towels and hot water to last the three minutes of allotted time I have in the shower. Maybe I get to shave, like that is possible, with my wife and two teenage daughters in the house because finding a razor to shave with is sort of like the journey Indiana Jones took to find the Lost Ark. Say I do find one, chalk it up to luck and hopefully me can find shaving cream. After the shave I always apply my J Bio Micro Refining Facial Serum and Moisturizer so my neck does not look like I shaved it with a rake. My skin is so sensitive to razor rash and it helps me get rid of the redness and bumps. By now the whole family is up and rolling getting ready for school. Battle of the sisters episode 3,174 has now started,  Have you seen my IPad? Where is my I Phone? My sister can’t wear my clothes! Now it is time to take on the first of many jobs, a short order cook. As the kids bark out the menu that they desire for breakfast I think to myself what it was like to be a kid! I want bacon, eggs and waffles! Although I feel the angst of telling them that there is a waffle house around the corner, go get a job and pay for it, I simply throw some toast in the toaster and cook up some eggs. As for the lunches today, when I was a kid, I got a sandwich that was soggy, a pack of chips and if I was lucky a juice box! Now they have to have snacks for snack time, a water bottle, an ice pack to keep cold things cold, fresh cut lunch meats and a variety of other items. After we are on our way, I find ourselves running out the door with one shoe on, a cup of coffee being held at a 45’ angel spilling everywhere and that thought that surely I have forgotten something important at home such as a wallet. Then if and when the car starts, I start on my journey to work! The enchanted trail, promised to be lined with lollipops and unicorns! Of course back in reality I have come to realize this commute of 15 miles will take a mere 45 minutes to an hour in this oxymoron situation called rush hour. Why is it rush hour? No one is rushing by. As a matter of fact I sometimes find myself looking at the cement on the freeway counting the cracks. The only rush about it is when the rush of blood goes to my head, and I hope it doesn’t explode when the person in front of me cuts me off in the lane and gives me the middle finger salute. By the way, why in the world do automakers still make blinkers? No one ever sees to see them when I turn mine on. The blinker on my car takes up about four square feet of space; on each side! I often find myself in the parking lot testing them because I know they are on, but the bulb must be broken as no one seems to see them. Now that I have arrived at work only 15 minutes late and I had to park so far away from the building it actually would have been faster to walk there from my house. Now it is on to the cubicle with lighting so great it makes me feel as if at the end of the day, I was sitting outside at the park. Amidst the constant hassle of ringing phones, a constant barrage of pointless questions, printers that need toner and computers that have viruses, I tend to survive the day. Of course in that work day I did get my lunch in; a soggy sandwich and bag of chips. I tend to drink water, but mine comes from a fountain. After my work day is over and the journey home starts, I find myself on the same lollipop and unicorn lined freeway home. Nothing has changed except now people seem to be a bit angrier; the fuse on the temper bomb seems a bit shorter. As the journey continues on I think of all the excitement to come. What’s on the wheel of fun?  A hot meal for dinner? Maybe shuttling the kids to their multiple practices? Possibly cleaning and laundry? I know lets hit the trifecta and do them all! I think to myself that the meal is easy, I will stop at the store and pick something up. I pull into the parking lot and park, next to a nice Mercedes, they won’t ding the door. I grab a cart and make my way down the aisle ways throwing stuff in my cart like I’m in some timed game show. As I pull into the 15 items or less lane I notice the 100 year old person in front of me with two full carts. I can’t pull out as now the other lines are long and I’m trapped in with other shoppers.  As some items are bought and other items are price checked and other items are expired by the time I get done the next great question comes through the cashier’s voice; do you have any coupons?  Oh for the love of all sanity! Of course they do. Thirty minutes later the coupons are finished and its tutorial time on how to use the debit machine. No sir, slide the card this way. Put in your pin. Is that the right card? Did you get a new card this one is expired. Oh yes, here it is. Now it’s my turn and I’m ready to go. Everything is on the counter and my frozen stuff is thawed. The cashier rings me up and asks for payment. Oh crap, I left my wallet at home this morning! I shrink down to the size of an ant after explaining that I left my wallet at home! I feel hot now as the laser eyes of death have been starring into me from the customers behind me. I know what they are thinking, so do me.  I tell them to please hold the groceries, I will be back. It’s not a lie, I have every intention of coming back, I just don’t know what’s in the cards.

As I make the mad dash home I realize that I’m running late as the sports shuttle driver. I walk in the door and I’m greeted with a multitude of questions:  Why are you late? Where have you been? Can you make me a snack? Where are my practice shirts? Can you make me a water bottle? and so on. Next thing I know I’m going to be in a cold dark room with a spotlight in my face. Everyone miraculously finds their stuff and I again head out the door. Now at this point I have come to the conclusion that every athletic coach in the world has conspired together to create the impossible schedule. You know what I’m talking about. Here are there 10 rules every coach must follow.

  1. All practices must start at the same time.
  2. All practices must run the same duration in time.
  3. All practices must end at the same time.
  4. Let’s make the teams out of players who all live in different zip codes to prevent carpooling.
  5. I must always use practice facilities as far away from each other as possible.
  6. I must always schedule games and events on the Weekends in such a manner that all event’s conflict in time and location.
  7. I must schedule all events on the Weekend so that I must spend at least ¾ of our day at a venue without leaving.
  8. All practices must be scheduled at a time when the parents cannot possibly get their kids there on time.
  9. All practices should be done at a time when the kids do not have enough time to finish their homework before practice.
  10. I should charge a high enough fees that parents must take a second mortgage out on their home to pay.

Talk about stress and routine!

I get the kids to practice and they get picked up again. All the while I’m taking care of my own selfish needs like putting gas in the car and breathing. Now on the way home the kids are asking what hot meal they are going to have for dinner. Instinct tells me this is a trap. I know this is a trap. How can I get out of this? What hot meal can I make now that it is 8 pm and I know I still have pre-calculus homework and a science project to work on. HMMMM. How about a bean and cheese burrito? If I want a rise out of them I could tell them that we are having chicken. Kids hate chicken. Quesadillas it is, who doesn’t love the taste of a Mexican grilled cheese. In haste I say we are having quesadillas for dinner and I would have thought I had just announced that a nuclear strike was being sent our way and I had 15 minutes to live! Quesadilla, I always have those at least 4 times a week! I bounce back and say bean and cheese burritos? Well as it turns out I have those four times a week also. I’m not in pre-calculus but that is more days than the week has. The decision is mine and we are having quesadillas. As I get home and the kids jump out of the car, I notice that the car is now filled with all of the gear they are too lazy to carry in. Now they would never move this fast on their own, but they realize if I can’t see them, I’m not going to tell them to carry it in. I go to the garage and get my luggage cart, load it up and take it inside.  I create the high tech quesadilla dinner in mere moments and it is time to relax, or so I thought. Now it is time to work on pre-calculus and the science fair project. As I look at the math and try to pretend not to have a severely dumb expression on my face, I have to ask if there is an answer key or maybe if a sample of it has been done. If not, I have to stare at it quietly and long enough in the hopes that my daughter will figure it out herself. That’s the path I usually take and it usually works. Now that I have the hard work done, it’s time for the science fair project. This is a point of pride as a parent because I have done better than most of the other kid’s parents at school. If you think about it, most at home school projects are really parent projects. I mean what kid really does their own work. Sure they like to participate, but the parents do the heavy lifting. I’m proud of my ribbons.  This year we are doing something plant based and tonight it is really about taking notes, measurements and photos. Now that this is wrapped up we can all call it a night. Everyone is headed to get ready for bed and start the 30 minute pre bedtime prep work. The routine consist of washing the face, going to the bathroom, getting a glass of water and setting things out for the next day. Me my day ends much the way it started, putting on my Micro-Refining Facial Serum and Moisturizer, relaxing for a few minutes and then dreaming about what may come my way tomorrow. The stress and routine of life has ended for this day, lets hope it is an awesome day tomorrow.

Always remember that you are loved and thought of, that we care about you and we want you to be happy with your appearance.

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