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Amrerican Soldier Tomb
American Soldier combat boots, dog tags, and helmet with American flag

Never forget the ultimate sacrifices made by the American Soldier


Soldier. This is the definition of an American Soldier; past, present and future, as we celebrate and reflect on those American Soldiers that have died while serving in the United States Armed Services.

We are looking for men and women with the following characteristics:

  • Willing To Work In a Fast Paced Environment
  • Enjoy Rigorous Exercise Programs
  • Can Work Well in Teams and Groups
  • Good Written and Oral Communication a Plus
  • Can Handle Stress Well
  • Has Good Organizational Skills
  • Must be a Quick Learner and Willing To teach Others
  • Must show Signs of Leadership Skills
American Soldier Dog Tags and Flag

May American Soldier always be remembered in our hearts

There are many positions open and an ideal candidate will understand and possess the concepts of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. You will be joining a family of likeminded individuals who will not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for you. This might be a hazardous position with the possibility of severe injury or death and there may be long stretches of time where you cannot take sick days or vacation times. There is also the possibility that you may miss out on most of the important events in your loved ones lives and most holidays due to travel and duty.

Bravery. An American Soldier represents the true definition of BRAVERY. An American Soldier would lay down their life for you. Women and Men join the United States Armed Services knowing that there is a distinct possibility that they will be called into action and that they might not return. There is no greater selfless service act than that.  For decades soldiers have walked onto battlefields, faced the enemy with bravery and courage, fought with honor while making the ultimate sacrifice.

Stand Tall & Proud. American Soldiers stand tall and proud. They protect us from our enemies and have taken a pledge to fight for our safety. A soldier’s vocabulary does not contain words like fear, coward or selfishness. An American Soldiers vocabulary contain these words:

  • Selfless Service
  • Loyalty
  • Duty
  • Honor
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Personal Courage
  • Sacrifice

American Soldiers stand at the gate and guard it, fight with a willingness to sacrifice their life and do this without hesitation or thought. Their one goal is to make our Country a better and safer place to live; and to allow the United Sates and its residents to continue on with a full set of freedoms, rights and choices.  American Soldiers do not protect us because one might be a democrat or a republican, or because we might be an atheist or Christian. It does not matter whether you believe in the reason that a soldier is fighting for. The American Soldier fights for us selflessly, so as Americans we can enjoy this country and have the freedom to choose and allows us to formulate our own beliefs, by which we make our choices. A solider doesn’t pick their battle; they just run to the battle to protect us and the United States with bravery and courage.

Sacrifice. In serving and protecting this great Country, many American Soldiers have lost their lives. They have been called to the battlefields to defend us and to also help defend those who cannot defend themselves. In passing they have left their loved ones behind along with their military brothers and sisters, leaving a hole in the hearts of many. May these soldiers always be remembered for their bravery, duty and sacrifice. To those families that have lost a service member, I would like to say thank you and I’m deeply sorry for your loss.

Thank You. When you have your BBQ or jump in your pool or go to the grocery store, remember that today is  about a soldier who was willing to die, and made that sacrifice,  that makes that event possible. So please, take a moment of silence, reflect and simply say, ‘THANK YOU’ to those soldiers that have passed while serving in the United States Armed Services. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for your bravery. Thank you for our freedoms. Thank you for our life. Thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for standing at the gate and keeping the enemy away. Thank you for protecting me and my family. But most of all, THANK YOU FOR SACRIFICING YOUR LIFE FOR US.

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