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  • About Human Growth Factors

    Epidermal Growth Factors were discovered in 1972 by Stanley Cohen of Vanderbilt University.

    Since that time scientific discoveries and research has continued in Growth Factor Technology (GF) and their use in the medical field. It was discovered that when a highly concentrated level of Growth Factors taken from human fibroblasts were applied to the skin, they aided in the reduction of the appearance of scars, supported the skin during post procedure recovery and where shown to be effective in shortening the recovery time of burn wounds and skin grafts.

    A growth factor is a naturally occurring substance capable of stimulating cellular growth,(1) proliferation and cellular differentiation. Usually it is a protein. Growth factors are important for regulating a variety of cellular processes.

    Growth factors typically act as signaling molecules between cells. Examples are cytokines and hormones that bind to specific receptors on the surface of their target cells.

    They often promote cell differentiation and maturation, which varies between growth factors. For example fibroblast growth factors and vascular endothelial growth factors stimulate blood vessel differentiation (angiogenesis).

    Growth Factor Summary: Growth Factors are proteins that bind to receptors on the cell surface, with the primary result of activating cellular proliferation and/or differentiation.

    • Chemical messengers between cells
    • Turn a variety of cellular activities “on” and “off”
    • Involved in cell division, new cell and blood vessel growth, and collagen and elastin production and distribution

    Growth factors help determine the health of a cell. Then they either….. Repair a damaged cell, Recruit other cells to assist in the repair or Kill the damaged cell

    We can refer to this activity as “Chemical Messaging” or “Key Signaling” between Cells.

  • Why do we need Human Growth Factors in aging Skin?

    The aging process of your skin is known as the cellular degenerative process. The negative results of aging skin from the cellular degenerative process are generally achieved through two different systems.

    • Genetics
    • Environmental Factors.

    The dermal layer of skin contains structural components such as collagen, elastic fibers, and extrafibrillar matrix. The dermis layer of the skin also contains the structural elements and proteins necessary for maintaining skin thickness, elasticity, and vitality.

    When your skin is young and vibrant, it is a result of the dermal layer of skin naturally containing more growth factors necessary for maintaining skin thickness, elasticity and vitality.

    As we age, the rate of production of these key proteins decreases. The typical results are wrinkling, laxity, dryness, and general thinning of the skin.

    Prominent wrinkling is mainly caused by the loss of dermal collagen content, and a decreased rate of collagen production(2). This is a result of decreased growth factor production.


    (1) “Growth factor” at Dorland’s Medical Dictionary
    (2) Molecular Aspects of Dermatology, GC Priestley, ed. John Wiley & Sons, NY 1993

  • About ICG9 Triplex

    The J•bio serum line addresses the increased need for a premier brand of Anti-Aging skin care serums in today’s skin care industry. The powerful ingredient supercharging our new product line is ICG-9 Triplex.

    Building upon a knowledge base of skin physiology, aging components and Human Growth Factor knowledge, J Bio Serums utilize the use of a proprietary, cutting edge Human Growth Factor combination known as ICG-9 Triplex as the basis for all of its serum offerings. ICG-9 Triplex is the highest concentrated and most advanced proprietary blend of premier, specific and specialized human growth factors found in the skin care market — delivering rapid results in appearance for the quest of more vibrant and youthful skin!

    With patented and revolutionary processes, the resulting human growth factor serum offerings provide the vital components necessary for optimal effects on skin revitalization and renewal.

    The overall combined action of these multiple growth factors assist in providing conditions required for youthfully vibrant skin, hair and eyelashes thus providing a practical solution for the aging process.

    ICG-9 triplex can be found in the following J Bio Serums:
    • Micro-Refining Facial Serum
    • Illuminous Eye Serum
    • Restorative Hair Complex
    • Concentré Intensif Serum
    • Eyelash & Brow Vital Growth Serum
    Below is a list of the targeted appearances for the line of serums with ICG-9 Triplex:
    • UV over exposure (prior skin damage)
    • Fine Lines, wrinkles and crows feet
    • Sun/Age Spots – Hyper pigmentation
    • Of inflammation and redness of skin trauma
    • Oxidative stress, skin aging and enlarged pores
    • Loss of elasticity and thinning of the facial skin
    • Help with the appearance of healthy of eyelashes
    • Help with the appearance of fuller, thicker brows and lashes
    • Help diminish dark circles and crow’s feet around the eye’s
    • Increase the number of fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen) and keratinocytes (top layer of skin)
    • Help to Stimulate the skin’s own renewal mechanism
    • Increase the appearance of hydration
    • Promote elimination of toxins
    • Improve elasticity and resilience
    • Aid in repairing the look of photo damaged skin
  • Human Growth Factor Technical Chart

    The following matrix will give you a basic outline of the human growth factors that comprise the basis of ICG9 Triplex. Although there are many different types’ growth factors in the body, each with a specific purpose, these are the specialized and specific growth factors that are ideal for skin. Although they have been specifically chosen for each of their unique capabilities, they are excellent complements to each other for the appearance results that are achieved when they are combined together and applied to skin.

  • Common Factors of J Bio Human Growth Factor Serums

    Below you will find a list of the common factors that you will find in the creation of ICG9 Triplex and in the creation of our human growth factor serums:

    • The technology behind the serums are fully patented
    • Contain proprietary ICG-9 Triplex
    • Are considered all natural products
    • Do not contain harsh chemicals
    • Are a non-greasy formula
    • Absorb quickly without leaving a residue
    • Are paraben free
    • Are fragrance free
    • Will not clog pores
    • Are not tested on animals
    • Cover the skin well with minimal product
  • Manufacturing
    Patented Technology:

    The technology behind ICG-9 Triplex is patented to ensure that only the strongest, and most specific, human growth factors are extracted, replicated and produced. This allows for the unique and unprecedented combinations of human growth factors for specific and specialized use.

    How our Growth Factors Produced?

    Omni Bio Solutions® captures only the highest quality Human Growth Factors for its J Bio Serum line, produced from specific human fibroblasts. These fibroblasts are stimulated to yield specific Growth Factors (GF), that then induce specific functions (restoration, rejuvenation, etc.) when applied to the skin or hair follicles.

    What differentiates us on the Manufacturing of our Growth Factor (GF) Technology products?

    All of our products are produced in an FDA certified lab, of the highest credentialing level. All of our Growth Factor (GF) Technology products are clinical grade. All FDA requirements for GMP are strictly followed – implemented pre, during and post product production.

    The quality and consistency of our products are paramount, here are some of our areas of focus and what differentiates us from many other ‘cosmeceautical’ manufacturers:

    • The use of USP Standard Pharmaceutical grade water for all of our products
    • The entire manufacturing process is validated by the highest level of FDA standards.
    • Three (3) Microbiology tests occur to prevent and monitor potential case of contamination. They are:
      1. Raw Material Testing
      2. Compounded Batch Testing
      3. Finished Product Testing
    • Both ‘real time’ and ‘accelerated’ stability testing is performed
    • All products are tested for allergy and irritation through the professional testing bodies
    Why Use Omni Bio Solutions Advanced Growth Factor Technology Products?

    J Bio Serum utilizes proprietary ICG-9 Triplex combines the action of multiple specialized and specific human growth factors and proteins, at the highest concentration, that are required for optimal skin cell health, rejuvenation, vibrancy. Thus, the application of our products containing our ICG-9 Triplex™ versus other skin care products (that contain only a diluted version of a single growth factor, or plant growth factors), results in a more effective skin transformation with lasting results.

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