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“What are you doing? You look great! That’s what my friends are saying. Also, you look younger! What are you doing? I love the serums!”


Jo Anne B

“I now use the serum once daily. Crow’s feet around eyes have disappeared. I live a very active outdoor lifestyle and damage certainly has been done to my face. People compliment me constantly how smooth my skin on my face is. This is a direct result of the Micro Refining Facial serum. Thank you.”


Todd N

“About 7 years ago I developed melisma, it was so bad that people thought I had dirt on my face and it looked like a splotchy brow mask covering my forehead, cheeks, and around my mouth. I spent thousands of dollars on skin treatments, lightening creams and medications to regulate my hormones. In addition I had cystic acne and scaring from it. (I’m prone to scaring dark brown even from a scratch) I started the using Micro Refining Facial Serum; I’m thrilled to say my skin is almost flawless now. Dr’s told me my melisma would never go away but its disappearing and I haven’t had any acne or breakouts for months and do not take acne medication. I’m truly thankful to have my clear radiant skin back and not to be embarrassed to be seen without makeup!”


Dustina A

“Before being introduced to J Bio, I had been annoyed by several deep furrows around the lips and the usual blotches of aging skin, in spite of my efforts to protect it from the ravages of time. After using the Face Serum for almost 2 weeks, the furrows all but disappeared and my skin tone has evened out considerably! I Love It!


Kathy L

“Love the product – been on it since it came out and I get compliments all the time. Got bit by a Rottweiler this past summer on my hand / started putting the Serum on it every day and the scarring has almost disappeared!”


Lynn L

“I was skeptical but bought it out of desperation. After 6 weeks I noticed more suppleness and less wrinkles. I was amazed and I thought it might be the ‘Emperor’s new clothes effect”, but I was complimented on my skin many times after! How Great! I look in the mirror now and not disappointed with my looks.”


Susie K

“Before J Bio my skin was ok and I had deep creases in forehead. About 5 weeks ago my face broke out for the 1st time with a huge spot the size of a quarter. It scared over and when the scabs fell off, my face was left with a deep pocket indents which my family said I would have forever. After 5 weeks of continuing the serum, my face has improved dramatically, indents are not as deep discoloration is less and I can cover it up easy. My skin is smoother, softer, and the deep forehead creases have minimized. I am certain that my face will be totally clear shortly!”


Sue D

“Pictures tell more than the words. My face is smoother and any blemishes heal quickly!”


Gina M

I have used the Serum since it first became available. Prior to using it I had noticed that my face and hands where showing the signs of aging. At 58 I had noticed more wrinkles around my eyes, mouth forehead and neck along with brown spots on the back of my hands. Since using Micro Refining Facial Serum these signs of aging have diminished and when people guess my age the place me in my mid 40’s. My hands look very youthful and I love my complexion. Thank you for this product.

P.S. My husband uses the Serum on his head on red sores that he gets from the sun. Usually the Dr. burns them off but not anymore. The serum has helped with the tenderness these sores cause and it diminishes the redness.”


Gloria J

“I had deep lines on my forehead and neck. Since I started using the face Serum, the lines are no longer visible. I also use the serum on a scar from a hip surgery. The scar is becoming less and less visible.”


Francesco M

“Amazing Product!!! People ask me what I am doing. My lines are less, my skin is brighter and some unwanted “spots” on my face have started to disappear. I love J Bio Serum!”


Devora S

“Firmness in Skin, Use it on my hand where I have a callus — the callus is going away — I have had the callus for several years!”


Lorraine G

“I have used the J Bio Serums for a year. I love, love, love them. My skin looks great and fine lines have diminished.”


Sandra Z

“My face has changed visible around my eyes, mouth and neck. When I lost weight my neck gave away my age. Now it is wrinkle free and smooth.”


Stefanie P

“I love this product! I and my mother have been using it for the past year and a half. We repeatedly hear how young we look since we first began using the product. Personally I love how well it spreads onto my skin without leaving a greasy film behind. Thank you J Bio!”


Angel D

“Since using the Serum, my skin (facial) looks younger, enough that my sister who is 19 months younger is asked if she is the oldest now. My lines around my lips are the most noticeably reduced. I have used the serums on my children who are at the puberty age, when the nutrition is not enough to keep the stress induced acne at bay, I have them cleanse their face in the shower, use the face serum when coming out, then a night cream and usually in the morning the pimple is gone, if not repeat in the morning.”


Jennifer O

“When I went in for surgery the nurses came back into the room and asked for my ID. When I asked why they said they could not believe I was 62 years old. The Micro Refining Facial Serum continues to reduce the lines on my eyes and tightens the skin under my chin!!”


Laurel L

“Since I have been using the Serum I have had reductions in fine lines around my eyes and forehead, even my lips. My skin looks younger and healthier and feels so nice. I love that it doesn’t irritate my skin. I am allergic to so many ingredients and perfumes so I can’t use a lot of products. This product is wonderful.”


Theresa B

“I used the face serum for one year with noticeable results. I decided I needed to try others so I used Lancôme and one other and lost the results I gained. So guess what? I’m back on the J Bio serum but I can speak with more authority – Thank you!”


Bev P

“At my young age of 73, I have used ‘many’ skin products over the years. I have found J Bio to be the very best. People comment and rave about my skin.”


Barbara P

“I have been a consultant and director with Mary K Cosmetics for 16 years and their skin care transformed my skin. I never looked better. But then I tried the Micro Refining Facial Serum. At first I thought it was expensive but I was shocked by the results! Much better skin tone and just this past week  I have had 4 people ask me my age – they thought I was in y 30’s and I am 49!!”


Debbie F

“I began using the Micro Refining Facial Serum soon after its release. The information presented is impressive. I noticed tiny lines becoming less prominent within a month. I continued to use the product until 2 months ago when I was challenged by one of my new associates to use another all natural product. This product smells and feels nice but I can see that my lines and wrinkles in the neck have deepened. I will begin ordering J Bio Serums as soon as possible.”


Marna F

I experienced severe acne at the age of 18 ‘overnight’ using old contaminated makeup on my skin by “persol’. For 47 years my skin has been a disaster. In three months, using Micro Refining Facial Serum once a day, my skin tine has improved, the scars have improved, to the point where people are saying, “What Scars?’ I’m going to use this product TWICE a day for the rest of my life!

Dawn K

A couple of years, more specifically, in July, a high school friend said “Deb you have to start working on your deep lines on your forehead”. I personally never paid to much attention to forehead because I was always concerned about the delicate eye area. Also, another friend/client, also brought out my deep lines on my forehead. I thought these 4 to 5 lines remind me of times of sorrow in my life. Actually would be nice to have the lines diminished if not erased!

The deep lines are still visible, but reduced. Lines must be reduced because those two (2) very friends do not tell me to work on them. As life goes, when all good we do not hear but when something is wrong then we hear. What I do notice that always troubled me personally was the large pores on my nose causing blockage on an unpleasant scale. The pores are most definitely reduced. I love the Serum under the eye area because of the soothing effect and there no puffiness.

More importantly as I start my day, when I apply the Serum, I feel protected by elements of free radicals and environmental pollutants. I walk in confidence knowing I have something amazing. When I go to bed at night, it is peaceful knowing the Serum is secretly working as I sleep and rejuvenate.


Deborah J

My face has improved in the past month as the little growth I had on my check has virtually disappeared. My skin is smooth as silk and I love my facial serum. All I have to say is, “Micro Refining Facial Serum should be called awesome revival 4 spirit of youthfulness! My husband remarks often of how I “am the best looking granny because of these serums.”


Connie V

Countless people tell me that they cannot believe I’m 52 years old. I just love how the Serum feels as it is absorbed into my skin & am grateful it is part of my daily routine (and so sad when I left my serums home when I’d gone to Santa Rosa to be with my mom during her most recent surgery). Micro Refining Facial Serum has held my wrinkles at bay despite many weeks lacking adequate sleep & proper hydration.  As we roll into the next year, I’m excited to see continued results with these serums including the lightening of skin discolorations, increased elasticity & further disappearance of fine lines.


Dona B

I use Micro Refining Facial Serum on a daily basis.  I have been using the product for 7 months and continue to see improvements in my skin.  My skin has been damaged from the sun.  My generation spent hours in the sun tanning and I never protected my face; as a result, I have wrinkles.  The serum has decreased the wrinkles on my forehead, and my right side of my face.  The areas around my month and left side of my face have seen slight improvement.  These are areas I believe will require me to use the product for a longer period of time.  I believe in this product, I have seen the changes and my skin looks healthier, and younger. My skin is not as dry.  Facial products I used prior to J Bio never reduced the wrinkles or made my face look younger, healthier.   Just recently, a friend that I hadn’t seen in months told me I looked 10 years younger.  That put a smile on my face.  What the serum does for me is that even though my face has not been completely restored, I believe that I am beautiful, vibrant, and invincible.  Facial improvement is important to my overall health.  I know going forward this product will continue to improve the health of my skin.


Ginny N

I started using the serum once a day at first. This in itself was a big change for me because I didn’t have a skin care regime.  I had clear skin as a teenager so I never understood the importance.   Within a week I noticed a difference.  My skin just looked brighter!  I received my first compliment from my teenage daughter who uses Clinique.  She said that my skin looked really good, and can she borrow my makeup.  I went on to say that I wasn’t wearing any makeup, just moisturizer.  She was amazed told me I looked great.

My second compliment came around day 22.  I was at my hairdressers and she noticed my skin.  She asked me what I was using on my skin as she said that my tone looked evened out and my skin looked smoother and clearer.  She said my skin looked more moisturized and that it looked thicker and younger.  I took this to be a great compliment because she is a Mary Kay rep and has been promoting skin care for years.

At the end of the 3 months I can actually say that even though I am not consistent with the twice a day application (I try), my skin feels tighter, firmer, smoother, and a lot of the fine lines and wrinkles are disappearing. (especially my laugh lines)  My pores are not as large and the skin on my neck seems to be tighter as well. I feel much more confident without makeup.  When I do wear makeup, I only have to use a little and it looks flawless and radiant.

Being a dental hygienist and my hands always being washed and in latex gloves, my hands have looked older before their time.  I have “granny hands” I have been told.   I am also extremely happy with the back of my hands.  I pump the serum on the back of my hand and then apply to my face and neck with the finger of my other hand.  Once I am finished, I rub the backs of my hands together.   My hands look much younger.  They are plumper, less wrinkly, less veiny and younger looking.

I received a burn on my arm from the oven 2 months ago.  I started putting the serum on the red, nasty sore and I am happy to say that within 2 months the mark is gone and there is no scar.

There are many products out there that promote fast, visible results, however, this definitely works and delivers results in such a short period of time.

Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful product.


Cathleen J

I don’t know where to start except to say that I am 52 years old, have been teaching dance, health, and fitness for over 30 years.  I teach dance (multiple genres), swimming, water aerobics, Pilates, ZUMBA, Senior Fitness, once taught high impact aerobics – am getting my Personal Training Cert back – and am licensed in Massachusetts under the Department of Education to teach preK-12 schools dance, fitness, and health.

Bottom Line: I have a very youthful body – some people say I look like I am in my 20’s.  I still dance and perform, so do stay in great shape.  Problem is, my face looks like I am 60 or older. I have heavy lines and dark circles under my eyes, a deep furrow in the middle of my forehead, lines on my forehead (laterally), multiple layers of “crows feet,” sagging jaw line, and deep lines around my mouth. Even though I can still dance/perform well, I increasingly am turned down because I “look too old on stage.”  Even with stage makeup. I am even turned down teaching positions because the students will think that I am “old and outdated” in my dancing AND thinking.  All of this is difficult to bear after already being downsized (once again, because of how I look in this “youthful” industry).  How horrible a fate is this?

My situation I believe is caused by sun damage – because I have been teaching swimming and water aerobics during the summers for 35 years; even with SPF’s in the 50 or 60 range, it washes off – and I am exposed.  Even worse, years ago, these protective products did not exist.  I don’t know what the cumulative damage is…

I have tried just about every purchasable skin care product to rid my face of these horrible lines (and also discolorations – the brown sun spots), without success.  So I resorted to injections – which are painful and probably not healthy (especially the Botox).  I started this regimen about two years ago – then just got tired of it looking good but then wearing off in 3 – 6 months – sometimes with accompanying broken blood vessels where the needles went “in.”

The miraculous thing about Micro Refining Facial Serum is that, instead of looking great right away, but wearing off soon afterwards, it takes a week or so for it to show up, but then continues to get better and better, over time.  I COULD NOT BELIEVE the difference the serum made in my face in just ONE WEEK!  I am soooooo excited about this product.  Not only am I (and my husband) extremely pleased, but a 20 year colleague of mine from the ballet world asked me if I had “had plastic surgery!”  That really made my year – I still can’t believe it myself.

Whatever these ingredients are –my skin must be very compatible with them, responding each day in a more exacting way.



Lisa L

J Bio has helped me feel better about my overall look, I have always been very happy about the way my skin has looked but lately in the last year or so I have noticed that I was getting these big pores on my forehead and nose and my skin had no life to  it. When I would get facials the esthetician would spend a long time getting the clogs out of my skin especially around my nose, and would always recommend all these products to improve my look. Since I started using Micro Refining Facial Serum I have noticed a glow to my skin, I get comments on how great my skin looks, The big pores have decreased and the last time I got a facial the esthetician did a quick cleanup of the skin and had raving remarks at how good I take care of my skin. The only recommendation was that I exfoliate often. I’m excited to continue using J Bio  and to see more improvements, it’s great that men are being encouraged more to take care of their skin after all it is the biggest organ in the body. Thanks for creating such an amazing product.


Felipe G

I started using Micro Refining Facial Serum this year took my “before” picture. I must say, that looking at myself in the mirror every day, I did not notice all the changes in my face until I took the “after” pictures. I was quite amazed! Simply ecstatic really. My husband had noticed I had fewer wrinkles a few months ago. I am so pleased with the reduction of deep lines in my face and significant improvement in skin tone. I also was surprised at how good I look without makeup. What a remarkable finding. This has really made me realize just how great the Micro Refining Facial Serum truly is. I can now use my photos, and fabulous experience to share this product with many others. It is a wonderful feeling to look younger, and I look forward to continuing this journey.


Corine D

I have always struggled with very sensitive skin.  I remember as a teenager putting some drugstore acne cream on my face and having to go to the doctor to receive treatment for a chemical burn!  As a result, I have been very cautious about what I use on my face.  However, it was hard as I would get red blotches on my skin especially on my cheeks and would be prone to outbreaks especially on my chin.  Often I was left with a red mark where I had the outbreak and my skin felt tender to the touch.  I needed to wear foundation to help cover up the uneven skin tone.  I was introduced to J Bio Serum at show and immediately noticed that my sensitive skin was fine with using the product.  The uneven skin tone has improved greatly and I have not had the outbreak of acne on my chin.  The skin texture has become more smooth and soft.  The pictures really don’t show it well!  Now I will often go out in public without any make-up as I don’t have to hide the blemishes.  This has been a great product in helping my skin to glow and look fantastic.


Pam Y

Wow! I always thought I would go gracefully into the aging process, but felt it was happening too soon to my skin. I started using Micro Refining Facial Serum faithfully three months ago and it’s amazing how my fine lines have diminished! I wanted my laugh lines to show how much I’ve loved life, not as an etching but as a reflection….and now, that’s exactly what they do. I’m thrilled!


Judy L

I cannot believe the difference in my face.  Before I started using the product I was starting to look like my grandmother.  Now my face is smoother, softer and starting to get less of those fine lines.  I used to get BIG pimples on my face and since I have started using Micro Refining Facial Serum, I have had none.  I love this and I don’t have to worry about those big red nasty things on my face any more.  I used to be able to see each pore I had on my face and now they are also getting smaller and going back to normal size.  I am still working on the big bags I have under my eyes, my right one especially, but they are going away.  I will continue to use J Bio Serums in the future.  I am also going to try some on my hands, so I can share with others how it works.  Again thank you I feel so much better about myself and more confident about how I look.


Darlean D

I have noticed considerable difference in my crows-feet.  I had small oil deposits under my eyes and they have diminished.  My skin is more even toned.  I don’t feel I need the use of day cream or night cream, even though I live in a dry climate.  I don’t wear foundation, my skin is always glowing.  I look younger, and always have people remark on how beautiful my skin looks.  Thanks to J Bio I look younger and have revered the signs of aging.



Angela M

I believe the biggest improvement in my skin since starting to use Micro Refining Facial Serum is the way it feels smoother and it seems to be tighter with the pores minimized.  Some wrinkles seem less noticeable, as the skin feels plumper.


Carol M

When I decided to try the Micro Refining Facial Serum it was because I had begun to lose weight and the double chin was becoming sagging skin. To me, it was worse than the double chin but I did not want the fat back either and I wanted the sagging gone immediately!

I wear glasses so did not even know that I had “crows feet” but there was no doubt I had them and I was determined to try to erase them. I may be 60 but I do not want to look the part!

I am somewhat a skeptic by heredity but religiously jumped in with the morning and night routine which only added a couple minutes to my tooth-brushing, hair, etc. that I was already doing. People started telling me how great I looked and many thought it was my hair that was different. Well I am happy to say that even I can see a difference!



Mona A

I purchased Micro Refining Facial Serum  this past August at a show  and that evening I started using it. The next morning as I was cleansing my face I could not believe how smooth my skin was after one application. I was so excited I shouted to my roommate how smooth my skin felt. She noticed the same thing. I have continued to use the Micro Refining Facial Serum and I have had others notice the smoothness as well as saying that my face looked uplifted. It is nice that I do not require any other products in the evening in the warmer months. Now that it is cooler I do use the moisturizer. I initially started using the MRFS once a day but I increased that to morning and night very quickly. I have always taken care of my skin and feel that I am having great results with the addition of MRFS. I am very excited with the way my skin feels and looks. Thank you!!!


Kim F

Wow! I couldn’t believe the difference in my skin while comparing the before and after pics in just 3 months.

This has been a great change for me in bringing back some lost confidence that I had in my appearance. I’ve taken care of my skin more over the last 20 years but growing up and playing softball, we never took the time to protect the skin. Also, as a young girl and going to the lake we never used protection until I was in my teens, it just wasn’t anything anyone did. Even working in the garden we were never used any type of skin protection.  I am so thankful for J Bio as a whole; I started out using the Micro Refining Facial Serum and began branching out using other products. Within 3 weeks I had friends start telling me how pretty I looked, I would just grin and say ‘thank you’. Love, Love, Love it!!!

Thanks so much!


Darleen B

After using Micro Refining Facial Serum for the past 4 months all I can say is WOW!!!  The dark spots I had below my eyes have faded.  I have notice my skin is definitely softer and shiny. I have had several people come up to me and comment on my completion telling me I “glow”, “you look so young” and “your skin looks beautiful”.

I have used high end skin products in the past and have never experienced the results I have with J Bio.



Janice T

I started Micro Refining Facial Serum and I wasn’t sure what it was going to do for me, as I didn’t think I had too many wrinkles compared to others my age.  I took a progression of weekly photos so I could tell a difference.

My husband told me that he could really tell a difference and so did my mother.  But, my husband told me, honesty is hard to take, that my face looked good, but my neck was really looking old now.  So I started using V Zone Neck and Décolleté on my neck.

I couldn’t tell a whole lot of difference in my photos for the weekly shots, and so the weekly shots grew further and further apart.  Then I compared my last photos to my original “before” photos.  I could tell a difference in ME.  I could see that the lines had decreased to small lines, and some of the wrinkle, wrinkle, and wrinkle around my smile had just become a smile.  No crow’s feet.  Wrinkles under my eyes had decreased.  My forehead has almost no wrinkles. This made me feel so much more beautiful.  Then, look at my neck.  WOW, that’s where I can see the difference.  Deep wrinkles in my neck have decreased to almost no wrinkles at all.  I feel like I have teenager skin without all the complications of being a teenager.  I feel comfortable wearing shirts that show my neck.  I feel even more comfortable wearing my beautiful jewelry that shows off my wrinkle free neck.  And best of all, I don’t look or feel 50!  I had a person I just met talking with me and telling me that I probably wouldn’t know what she was talking about because she thought I was so much younger than her.  I told her I bet not as I will be 50 in May of next year.  She was shocked and said you are right; you are my age as I’ll be 50 in June.  She said you sure don’t look your age.

Just this last Friday night I was introduced to someone.  When they told me her name, Evelyn; I said Evy? She said yes.  Then she thought for a moment and said oh my, you look just the same as you did except your hair is so different, I didn’t recognize you.  Then her husband walked up and gave me a hug as he recognized me.  I hadn’t seen them in over 30 years.

I have people comment to me on how my skin looks so smooth.  It is important to me that I have great looking skin as everyone always sees my smile first.  So after they see my smile, I don’t want them to see an old wrinkled face, I want them to see the best face that I can give them.  I want them to see my J Bio face.


Stephanie P

I have been consistent & compliant in following a daily skin care regimen all my life.  I experienced skin problems as a young teen & into my college years. I tried everything possible! After school, I would come home and mix-up some concoction or another that was “natural”: oatmeal, egg whites, apricot scrubs, etc.! You name it… I did it!  That’s where my good habits started, and I’ve stayed the course in realizing just how important daily, proper attention to my face is, in maintaining healthy, happy skin – morning & night!

J Bio has proven to be a great vehicle for me to concentrate in an even more committed way, using a great product that actually works! My skin has shown improved texture, with evening-out pores, tightening & firming of my face & neckline, lightening of age-spots, as well as smoothness & softness with a glow my skin hasn’t had before… that is so appealing! Did somebody turn the lights on inside? Love the results!

As an artist, I learned early on the importance of starting with a “prepared canvas”. The Micro Refining Facial Serum does that & more! I’ve had many people compliment me on my skin, especially the last several months!

Thank you for providing a product with quality, health-rejuvenating properties, that makes the skin on my face, feel like a baby’s!


Irene S

Many people are coming to me and saying I am looking so good- even that I look beautiful. I have never gotten this in my entire life! Honestly, getting “old” (only in body) can be very depressing. Now I know there is hope to look how I really feel inside- mentally, emotionally and “healthy-wise”. Life just gets better with J Bio. It is revolutionizing my life.”


Carrie P

Fifty, 5 decades, half a century—yes I have reached a milestone this year!  As an active mother of 3 teen boys and busy as a pediatric dental hygienist, I lead a busy and active lifestyle.  Of course, somewhere in there I must make time for my health, inside and out. This includes fitness, optimum nutrition, revitalizing sleep and skincare.

I have been a silent fan of Micro Refining Facial Serum since I started using the it in September. Using “healthy and Natural “skin care products for years has been a priority because of all the detrimental effects of harsh chemicals and damaging ingredients in many skincare lines. The harsh and dry weather in the North has made good skin care vital. Although past products have maintained my skin, I haven’t noticed significant changes.  So, you can understand my trepidation in trying something new.

Well, I am always up for adventure and willing to take on a new challenge. Turning 50 has made me realize that now it is ‘MY TIME.” Now, H Bio has truly come to my skincare rescue! Truly, I wasn’t sure what the change would be, but I am overjoyed. Friends and family have noticed marked improvement in my skin tone and a reduction in the redness around my nose. The fine lines around my eyes and forehead have diminished and the dark circles around my eyes are gone. My skin feels softer and supple, without the dryness I am so accustomed to. One good friend that I have not seen in a while mentioned that there was ”JOY” in back in my eyes.  I have been blessed to given the opportunity to use Micro Refining Facial Serum.

I strongly believe in the benefits of leading a health and active lifestyle and I am so thrilled to have found an effective skin care regimen that supports and complements my lifestyle. I will continue to use J Bio Serums and have recommended to many friends and family.  I love it when people who I have just met say,” You are SO not fifty!”

Thank you so much from my heart for providing such a fabulous product that is so good for our skin and can make such a positive change in people’s lives.


Debra M

When I looked into the mirror one morning and saw my father’s face looking back at me, I knew it was time to make major changes. At age 50 I’ve been told I don’t look my age, but at that moment I did, and then some.

While popular belief is, men look better as they age, the truth is, we’re just not buying into that. Just visit you’re local Shoppers Drug Mart (Walgreens) and you will see shelves upon shelves of anti-aging creams, moisturizers, hair color, hair removal devices, and teeth whiteners all packaged for Men. We are buying them, using them and competing with our wives for bathroom mirror time.

I also see it every day in the locker room at the gym. Men’s toiletry bags are cram packed with every imaginable product, and they are taking the time to apply it all. Gone are the days when men would crawl out of bed, drag their fingers through their hair, and head out the door.

Before Micro Refining Facial Serum, my daily regime was to cream my face every morning and evening with an all-natural, unscented cream. I’ve tried various expensive anti-aging ointments without much success. I was even tempted to try a suggestion from one of my guy friends who said I should put hemorrhoid cream around my eyes to reduce puffiness. My biggest concern was my father had a series of small growths under both of his eyes. He had to have them removed when they became cancerous, and the doctor left deep gouges. I had these same little bumps forming under my own eyes.

I had time to talk to a fellow associate about how Micro Refining Facial Serum softened the lines on his forehead, especially the deep vertical line between his eyebrows. So I started using it that very day and every day since.

Today, my skin is a lot more even and elastic. The lines on my forehead are not as deep, my eyebrows don’t droop and the small bumps under my eyes are gone completely. But best of all, when I look in the mirror, I no longer see my father looking back at me.


William S

I began using Micro Refining Facial Serum at the beginning of September this year. I must admit that I have been using the product once daily in the morning. Not twice daily. I have noticed some changes in my complexion. The lines in my frown area between my brows, as well as my upper lip seem less defined.  The texture of my skin over all seems more moist & smooth.  I intend to begin to use this serum twice daily now beginning tomorrow. Thank you J Bio for such a great skin care line.  Expect to see even better results 3 months from now.



Unni H

From the age of 13, I have had problems with my skin.  I am not able to begin to count the treatments, medications, both systemic and topical that I have used for my skin.  I changed my diet.  I had UV light treatments.  Many of the treatments I had are no longer used.

I had a secret dream that in my next life I would have nice skin.

When I heard about J Bio Serum, I was fascinated.  It gave me hope at age 61, I might finally be able to see some improvement in my skin.

As I used Micro Refining Facial Serum, I began to get a new confidence.  During my usage of Micro Refining Facial Serum, I have received many more general compliments such as, “you look really good,”  “you look happy”, “there is something different about you”, “you don’t look 61″.  Although these compliments were general, I believe that what people are noticing is the different appearance of my skin.  I just don’t think they realize that is what’s different.

I do think it is difficult to see the changes in myself as I look at myself and faithfully use MRFS 2x daily.  I believe the overall appearance of my skin has changed.

The size of my pores has decreased.  The line between my eyes above my nose has disappeared.  The lines above my lip are less pronounced. Overall, my skin seems softer and suppler.

Whether others notice or not, Micro Refining Facial Serum has given me a new confidence and hope about my skin!  I believe there are changes yet to come in my skin.  I plan to continue to use Micro Refining Facial Serum to see what other changes I notice!

Thank you!


Marcia B

I have been using the serum for about one year. I have less wrinkles and softer more supple skin. I also used it on a scar on my wrist and it has become less visible.

Marg L

Excellent Product!

Marsha M

I noticed tightening of my skin on face and neck. I also noticed my skin feels softer, smoother and clean! Love the feel and look. People compliment me on how I look.

Norita S

I noticed a major difference in my skin and everyone says I look much, much younger!

Joyce S

By the end of using the serum my neck was noticeably tighter. The texture of my skin was firmer and smoother. I had evenness to my skin that I thought I had lost.

Michelle W

Great for fine lines! Almost all gone…..

Diana D

My aesthetician was amazed at my skin after I had been using this product for 30 days!!! I love it!

Julia H

I notice my skin is softer and wrinkles have been disappearing. It looks like I will save money not having to use Botox.

Gayle G

Fabulous! Hooked. Really helped with my adult acne and Fading spots from dealing with this for the last 3 years! Love it!

Carrie J

My skin is smoother and looks so much younger

Jen D

Absolutely love this. Fine lines melted away. I look 10 years younger.

Harry D

I have used all three serums, The face Serum The Eye Serum and the Lash Serum. I have enjoyed them all but my favorite has been the face serum. I use it almost as an aftershave! It has helped to reduce the bumps and irritation on my neck I usually get after shaving. The other’s have worked well and as I have recently lost weight, it has helped my face and skin come back nicely. I love these serums and will continue to use them!

Bill O

I’ve been an avid J-Bio face serum user for the past year. I have noticed and incredible difference in my complexion and I rarely breakout. I am in the sun and outdoors frequently, and my skin never dries out and has evened out from previous damage.

I am also in a sorority so the events I attend are endless. This serum has been a lifesaver when it comes to formals and philanthropy events because I don’t have to worry about blemishes or caking on foundation to make an even tone. I’ve been so lucky to find this product! It’s one of the few that work for me.


Started Sept 11 – 3 Months. Visible reduction in lines and major complexion improvement.

Jennifer R

I have been using this product since August and it has helped clear up my skin with wrinkles and acne scars. I love this product.

Cindy F

I’m a 45 year old mother of two boys who is constantly outside at their sporting events. I also enjoy participating in a ton of water sports, so I have exposed myself to the sun.

I have been using the J Bio Illuminous Eye Serum, J Bio Micro-Refining Facial Serum and J Bio Eyelash and Brow Vital Growth Serum all together for 30 days. I have been diligent in applying the serums as part of my daily routine, both in the morning and evening.

My skin is definitely softer and smoother and I have a better, even tone.

I have started to see an improvement in the eye area with wrinkles and dark coloring. On my forehead, I definitely noticed a big difference in the wrinkles and coloring. On my nose the rosacea is declining. My eyelashes have grown and become fuller. I can’t wait to see what the next 30 days brings in improvement!


Terra S

Since using the product, my skin is clearer and firmer. The tone of my skin has improved and people say I look younger. It has helped some problem areas on my skin to not be as red and appears to have diminished some scars as well.

Benita M

My face has changed visible around my eyes, mouth and neck. When I lost weight my neck gave away my age. Now it is wrinkle free and smooth.

Steph P

I have been using J-bio Anti-Aging eye serum,facial serum and eyebrow/eyelash serum for approximately 45 days and would like to share the results so far.

Overall my facial skin is smoother and clearer. I didn’t realize just how much the product helped with my sun damaged areas until I viewed the latest close up photos – amazing!
My skin is somewhat tighter, and I am especially hopeful to see more tightening in my jowl/neck area soon.

Over the past 8-10 years my eyebrows had grown thinner, especially on the outer part (partly due to thyroid issues some time ago), but now are slowly starting to fill in again. My eyelashes are a bit fuller, which is thrilling after only a short period of time using the product.

The products seem to be very gentle, and I’ve not had any negative reactions such as burning, redness or irritation. They are convenient to use, taking me no more than about one minute each morning and evening. I intend to continue using all 3 of these fabulous products and encourage others to try them….the sooner the better.


Barbara B

Although I have not been able to use the J Bio Micro-Refining Facial Serum twice a day as directed, I do use it once a day. I must say I love putting it on my clean face in the morning. It feels nice & rich going on & makes a nice base for my eye creams & moisturizer. Working in a food truck, I often do not wear makeup but my skin still appears fresh & dewy. I find it delivers a soft, smooth finish that tends to radiate all day. I would highly recommend Micro-Refining Facial Serum!


Lisa W

I liked the way it made my skin feel and over the month I saw a reduction in fine lines.

Danna P

Love and use all! For years! Friends say I look 20 years younger than age.

Nancy G

I have been an esthetician and electrologist in Southern California for the last 20 years. I have owned and operated several successful medical day spas and I have worked with an amazing Nurse and Plastic surgeon for the last 12 years. My nurse, who works all over the country, turned me on to J Bio about a year ago. Being that we are so close to Beverly Hills and Pasadena, it is very important that we keep up with the latest and greatest in technology and pass that on to our clients. I cannot say enough about how happy I am with the results we are getting with the micro-needling stamping using the Concetrate Intensif Serum, along with clients continuing use of the at home Micro-Refining Facial Serum and Illuminous Eye Serum.

The way we like to do the procedure is to do a laser facial first, then the micro-needle stamping with the Concentrate Intensif Serum application and then send our clients home with their at home products for maintenance. However, this is not a must. There are several times that we cannot see them for both or they don’t have that in their budget. I cannot tell you how many times my clients call me and tell me that they have an event or vacation that they are going to and beg me to squeeze them in for a stamping. The results are truly amazing!!!!!

I really can’t say enough about Bill O’Brien and his team at J Bio! Talk about customer service!! I can email or call any time of the day and I get a response right away. There have been times where I need product the next day and when I get to work, it is there waiting for me. Thanks Bill!! If you have not tried the stamping and products yourself, please do, you will not be disappointed.

P.S. The Eyelash serum is awesome too!!! No dryness or irritation and lashes look thicker, darker and longer within weeks!!!


Shelly T

I recently had the opportunity to try J Bio Anti-Aging Micro Refining Serum. I have tried many products in hopes of getting rid of my sun spots. This product not only diminished the dark spots but it also faded my fine lines making me look and feel younger.

I used the product in the morning and in the evening for 30 days and the results are amazing. I can’t wait to see more results.

After only 30 days of using this product, I give it an A++ and highly recommend J-Bio!


Kris M

AMAZING! I have been using the J Bio Micro-Refining Facial Serum for over a year now. It has performed wonders for my skin. I lead a very active lifestyle with my children and grandchildren so having products that are quick and easy to apply is a must for me. I have used the serum twice daily and have seen improvements to my skin such as a reduction in wrinkles, excellent moisture levels and tightening of the skin on my face. Also I have for the past six months I have put the serum on my hands for the brown age spots. They have lightened substantially. Also I had severe, hot coffee spill on my arm. By chance I tried the serum on the affected area and it cleared up quickly and with no appearance of scarring.

In addition to all of the skin success I have had, I now use less of my other products that I was using before such as moisturizer and creams, so I’m also saving money. Oh, and by the way, I do not have to wear makeup every day!

I would highly recommend this serum to everyone that is looking to improve their skin appearance!


Kathy F

I’m a 43 year old mother of three who has spent a large amount of time under the hot Arizona sun watching my kids participate in sports. I will be trying the J Bio products for ninety days to see what results I can achieve. This is my 30 day update:

I have been using the J Bio Illuminous Eye, Micro-Refining Facial Serum and Eyelash & Brow Vital Growth Serum for 30 days. I have been diligent in applying the serums as part of my daily routine, both in the morning and evening.

My skin definitely has a nicer, more even tone to it and my skin is softer.

I have started to notice an improvement to the wrinkles on my face and around the eyes. I have also noticed that my eyelashes are becoming fuller and longer.


Donna D

My name is Rania and I have been using J bio for the last 30 days. I have noticed such a difference in my skin, I can fell the texture of my skin has gotten softer and my fine lines have filled in, not only that I have had a problem with acne (adult acne), I have not had any blemishes since I have been on J bio, it is amazing! I have been to many dermatologist, I have done topical and oral medications and have never gotten such fantastic results.

In late June I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had a double mastectomy on the 16th of July. I have been using J bio on my incisions twice a day. Not only have I noticed how good my incisions look, my breast surgeon without me telling her that I have been using J bio, asked what I have been using, she was amazed!, at how well and fast my incisions were healing. I am a firm believer in J bio products and recommend them to everyone. This product has helped me feel confident as a women through my darkest moments. I thank you J bio.


Rania M

I started using J-Bio Serum in March after a Micro-stamping procedure was performed on me using the J Bio Intensif Concentrate. After the Micro-Stamp procedure was completed I continued to use the Micro-Refining Facial Serum on a daily basis. In fact, one of my friends also had the Micro-stamping procedure completed and she immediately saw results on her skin. I have both been ordering the J Bio Micro-Refining Facial Serum, Illuminous Eye Serum and Eyelash and Brow Vital Growth Serum every month since.

Then in May I had a laser procedure done on my face. After the procedure was completed Cheri used the J-Bio Intensif Concentrate Serum immediately after to help with the post procedure recovery and again, I have been using J Bio Micro-Refining Facial Serum ever since.

Since then I have also purchased Illuminous Eye serum and I love how it goes on, smooth and easy. I have also purchased the Eyelash and Brow Vital Growth Serum which has helped my eye-lashes fill in. I find it much easier to use than other Eyelash products on the market.

Just yesterday someone commented on my skin and how great it looks and what did I do? Also have had quite a few people now tell me the same thing. I am 68 years old and I can see the difference on my face. It is amazing!!!! I used to be a PE teacher in Palm Springs for 38 years, play tennis 5 days a week and have a lot of skin damage. I cannot believe the change because of the laser and the J-Bio Serum products

My daily skin care routine has been simplified and is much easier. I am not using the other products that I was using before.

Yes…it is fun when people say to me – your skin looks so good, what are you doing? Especially at my age and being out in the sun my whole life. I try to explain that they need to start using the J-Bio Serum products.


Kathy L

Our practice was first introduced to the J•Bio™ Product line, by Omni Bio Solutions®, in April of 2013. It was specifically created for its innovative cell repair / anti-inflammatory and collagen stimulating capabilities by utilizing specific growth factor technology. At that time, a demo was performed using the J•Bio™ Concentré Intensif Serum which was Micro-Needled directly onto the face. The Daily Micro Repair Serum, which also contains growth factors, was used twice daily thereafter 10 – 12 hours after the initial procedure.

Our practice offers only those services that we personally support based on our own experience. To be honest, when first introduced to the products, we were somewhat skeptical, as the results seemed too good to be true. We were very impressed with what we experienced ourselves, and with what our patients reported, in as little as 2 – 3 treatments. Fine lines were reduced, increased plumping and luminosity were noticed and the skin took on a smoother, more even overall texture.

Additionally, we both received many unsolicited compliments from friends on how youthful and “glowing” our skin looked. Not surprised, we’re getting the same positive feedback from our patients as well.

One of the most exciting applications for us, however, has been the steady improvement of several of our acne patients. One young man, in particular, was on a prescription medication with well-known side effects resulting in exacerbation of his acne. This led to severe flare ups which didn’t respond well to both oral and topical antibiotics. The acne was so out of control he was rapidly developing pitted scarring which made him extremely self-conscious and concerned about his appearance. After the first Micro-Needling treatment with the Concentré Intensif Serum, a significant reduction in inflammation was noted 14 hours later.

The patient continued to use the Daily Micro Repair Growth Factor Serum twice daily for the rest of the month reporting consistent improvement of his skin. While continuing to receive monthly Micro-Needling treatments, he noticed the most dramatic improvement, however, after the third session. Not only was he noticing a major reduction in his breakouts and inflammation, but the acne scars were actively “filling in” from the treatments stimulation of collagen, and his skin was now taking on a smoother, overall appearance.

This product does what it says. We are thrilled to be offering it in our practice.


Dr. Valerie S, M.D

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