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  • Anti-aging products for Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists and Spa Directors - J•bio™ professional use

    J•bio™ Concentré Intensif Serum, with proprietary ICG-9 Triplex™ Growth Factors, has been formulated to help improve the appearance of aging, damaged and post-procedure skin.

  • CO2 Laser Skin Tightening, Post-Procedure Treatment

    Laser resurfacing is a treatment to reduce facial wrinkles and skin irregularities, such as blemishes or acne scars. The technique directs short, concentrated pulsating beams of light at irregular skin, precisely removing skin layer by layer. This popular procedure is also called lasabrasion, laser peel, or laser vaporization.

  • J•bio™ Eyelash & Brow Vital Growth Serum

    Eyelash & Brow Vital Growth Serum with Proprietary ICG-9 Triplex™ - conditioning growth factor serum that helps to achieve darker, longer and naturally fuller eyelashes & eyebrows.

  • J•bio™ Illuminous Anti-Aging Eye Serum

    Illuminous Eye Serum with Proprietary ICG 9-Triplex™ has been formulated to help: Effectively diminish "crow's feet" wrinkles and fine lines, Gently lighten dark circles under the eyes, Firm and lift sagging skin.

  • J●bio™ Micro-Needling Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

    A demonstration of Collagen Induction Therapy using J●bio™ Growth Factor Serum (a proprietary patented blend of proteins, cytokines and interleukins) and Micro-Needling, for trans-dermal serum delivery.

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